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Mobile invoicing software: invoicing on the go

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Mobile invoicing software: invoicing on the go Whether you’re a dynamic freelancer dealing with a variety of clients and projects, or a small business owner running into tight deadlines and cash flow problems, you need tools that will always keep you one step ahead. Get started with mobile invoicing software – the digital partner that is reshaping the way business is done […]

The benefits of live pricing for quotes

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The benefits of live pricing for quotes Do you waste a lot of time looking up your suppliers’ current prices when creating your quotes? This is becoming history because of live pricing. Live pricing refers to the real-time or current prices of products, services or financial transactions. It is the current, constantly updated cost or value of a product or asset. This cost […]

Creating product bundles in your invoicing program


Creating product bundles in your invoicing program Quotes and invoices are essential to the smooth running of any business. However, this can sometimes take up a lot of your time. At Easybox, we don’t think you should be allowed to give up your evening or weekend just for this. That’s why we offer you an alternative way to create, […]

In one click from quote to invoice

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In one click from quote to invoice Quickly create a sales invoice based on a quotation. Simply reuse all the data. Then customize as desired. Back to blogs Everything filled in automatically Have you already spent time preparing a comprehensive quotation? Then avoid duplicate work by using the convenient function to create invoices directly from […]

Consolidation of invoices

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Easily check whether invoices have been paid correctly Consolidation of invoices: efficiently follow up outgoing and incoming payments or bank transactions Back to blogs Consolidation ? Tracking invoices and payments is an important but often difficult task. A clear overview of the payment status of all invoices is indispensable. In fact, you want a simple […]

Advance invoices

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Easily receive advances for your projects! Create quote. Send advance invoice. Get paid faster. Automatically calculate the final invoice. For many business owners, advances are a key element in the successful execution and management of a job. Deliverables and payments on an ongoing project keep in sync. Financial risks are reduced by having the initial […]

Payment QR-code

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Let your customers easily make mobile payments! Completely free, with no transaction fees. Back to blogs Support Consortium 12-12! If you scan the QR code at the top of this page with your banking app, you donate €5 to humanitarian emergency help. Thanks! QR codes to get paid quickly! A payment QR code is a […]


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Templates, customized documents in your brand style Customizing invoices, quotes and other documents to match your business’ corporate identity and tailor them to customers is a task every business owner faces sooner or later. With our templates, you do this quickly and easily – “set and forget.” Sweet! Back to blogs What is a template? […]


Bundles fruitbasket with delivery

If you regularly sell different items and services together, it’s convenient that you can easily reuse that combination. Easybox offers a simple feature to make this happen: bundles. Back to blogs What is a bundle? A bundle is an adjustable combination of several existing products and/or services. In one bundle you bring together as many products and services as you […]

Email automation

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No matter how carefully you plan your tasks, sooner or later you forget to send something on time. To relieve you and your business of as many worries as possible, Easybox gives you the opportunity to automate the outgoing e-mail traffic (related to purchase and sales administration) to your partners at times of your choice. […]