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Scan and extract purchase invoices

Data extraction of unstructured invoices, bills and receipts down to the detail content.

data extraction

With the help of artificial intelligence, our smart scanner transforms any image or PDF of a purchase invoice or receipt into smart text.    

Enjoy all the benefits of a digitised purchase administration system: automatic processing, efficiency and collaboration with other software.

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No more retyping!

Avoid double work

The scanned data from your incoming invoices is – where possible – filled in automatically. 

This way you avoid mistakes, double work and repetitive tasks such as retyping the same information several times. You just check the information. Then everything is saved and ready for reuse.

Easy follow-up of scanned invoices

Has it been paid yet?

Once your purchase invoices are converted to smart data, you always have an up-to-date overview of your expenses.   

Payment status, payment term, balance, supplier?  
Check, you see them at a glance. 

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Easy payment!

Pay your purchases directly from Easybox

Manage all outgoing banking transactions from one simple view. Simple and error-free.

Registering all expenses in accounting becomes child’s play.  Export and send all your data automatically to the partners who count.

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Collaborate seamlessly with your accountant

With the active link between Easybox and your bank accounts, constantly changing software is no longer needed. In Easybox, you know immediately where you stand financially. In just one click, you securely transfer money to your suppliers with all the necessary information at your fingertips.

Box overview

All Easybox smart invoice data extraction & text recognition functionalities in a schematic overview. Review what Easybox has to offer to make your sales administration smarter.

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