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Smart invoicing & quotes

Complete sales administration of your business


In your own brand style, you can create a quote, invoice, or e-invoice in no time at all – in compliance with the new legislation. Reuse all your previous documents to the maximum based on the products and services stored or with the handy duplicate function.

Moreover, give your customers and yourself the best payment experience with our smart financial management features.


Acurate insight into income and expenses at any time

Track your banking transactions smartly

Have your invoices been paid? Manage and monitor all incoming and outgoing payments directly from Easybox. Fully in sync with your invoices.

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Invoice or credit note? Digital or classic? Work order or purchase order? Simple!

In Easybox you create all common sales documents based on existing work or completely new. With the support for PDF, UBL, multiple languages, multiple currencies, and your own custom design for each document type, from now on you deliver your invoice the way your customers expect. Quickly and easily.

Digital invoicing, compliant with regulations

In Easybox you can create an e-invoice in no time.

Invoice in accordance with regulations completely electronically with UBL and via Peppol. With a fully digital exchange of invoices to the government and other companies, you work faster and more efficiently. With the necessary insight, the collaboration with your accountant will also run smoothly from now on.

Never duplicate work again. Your data in action!

Products and services ready for use. Customers and suppliers standby.

Creating and following up invoices is done smarter in Easybox with the fully integrated product and service catalog. Your customers and suppliers are also stored and managed centrally. What’s more, you can link them to each other through projects, budgets, bundles, stock management, etc.

This way, all essential data of your company is always ready for use in every conceivable document. With all your company data at hand, you create reports and analyses in no time.

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Turn your business into a beautiful brand with the design of your choice.

With our theme editor, you can quickly change the look and feel of your outgoing documents. Not just your logo but almost every imaginable element can be styled to your heart’s content. And you can choose a different layout for each document type or language.

Live pricing: real-time cost accuracy

Instant access to current market prices

Gain the competitive edge with our live pricing feature, which seamlessly integrates with your invoicing and quoting software. With real-time price updates from select stores in Belgium, including Defrancq, CEBEO, and Rexel, you can ensure accuracy in your proposals and save time that would otherwise be spent on manual price checks. Streamline your workflow and base your financial decisions on the most current data available, fostering efficiency and precision in all your transactions

Live pricing
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Product bundles: simplify your sales process

One-click offers with pre-defined product groups

Elevate your invoicing strategy with our Product Bundles feature, allowing you to create pre-set groups of products that can be instantly added to your offers or invoices.

Eliminate the tedious process of itemizing each product manually, and instead, generate comprehensive offers with a single click. This tool not only saves time but also minimizes errors, ensuring that you can present your customers with quick, accurate, and professional proposals every time.

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All Easybox invoicing and quoting functionalities in a schematic overview. Review what Easybox has to offer to make your sales administration smarter.

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