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Your smart "office".

All your business administration in one easy-to-use web app. Anywhere anytime.
0% hassle - 100% versatile!

Do it smarter.

Smart boxes improve work and co-work

Work 0% hassle

The transition to digital is a key part of every successful company strategy today. A smarter way of working will add value in generous amounts of savings, improved productivity, business insights, and smooth co-operation with your partners. Easybox helps you every step of the way by simplifying complicated business tasks. All your documents are constantly saved in one secured place. So Easy!

Co-work 100% versatile

With clients. With partners. We take away all the usual barriers and make it easy to create, view, analyse and share company information just like you want it.
Invoices, e-invoices, quotes, payments, bank transactions, credit notes or listings? Our smart boxes can handle any document.

Manage your business through one easy-to-use platform that connects all your boxes. Simple!

Smart boxes improve work and co-work

For whom?

Small or big enterprise? Are you offering products or services?
Our unique platform encloses smart boxes for all types of companies. Easybox easily adjusts to your enterprise.

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For entrepreneurs

Solo entrepreneur

Easybox provides all the tools to handle your administration fast, central and secure in 1 single place whatever your size.
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For accountants


Offer the best digital experience in your service to clients. Easybox provides all the tools so you can focus on what matters most: top expert financial advice.
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Your way.
Your box.

Discover our boxes

Enjoy the ease of multiple solutions through one smart platform.

Our smart interconnected boxes simplify your work, customer service and collaboration with your business partners. 

Offers & invoices

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Add customer, send an offer.

Have you finished a task? Create invoices in the blink of an eye.
Link your bank account for easy payment monitoring.
Get paid faster by using a smart QR code.

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smart image scanner

Smart online archive

Smart scanner converts tickets to text for documetn storage

Know how to take a picture?

Our smart scanner converts all images to smart text. Store unlimited files. Secure and fast!

Enjoy all the benefits.
Search, find and share every receipt or incoming invoice in a few seconds!


Payments. QR code. Transactions. Financials.

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Digital payments & bank transactions

Offer your clients the best possible payment experience, straight from your invoice. Secure, digital, fast.
Link your bank accounts to the app and get an easy overview of all incoming and outgoing transactions. Manage multiple accounts in one single place. Never lose sight of your payments.
For YOU & AcCountants


Co-operation between your company and accountants was never easier. Enjoy sharing your administration details 24/7 in real-time with all the partners that count. Any device. Where-ever you are.

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Say cheese to smart integrations.

Easybox supports integration and data exchange with all leading accountancy software. Working on the books was never easier.

Smart inventory

Happy to have an overview. 24/7. Real-time. Anywhere.

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Nothing but advantages

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Save money

Get rid of endless paperwork, incorrect data entry and the risk of losing data. Easybox grows with your personal needs. In that way you avoid unnecessary investments.

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With our unique & versatile platform, you can run your business in just a few clicks. Our web app is 100% mobile friendly, accessible 24/7 and above all secure. Thanks to our smart solutions, your way of working will become a lot easier!

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Expand your business smartly and strengthen your business relationships. Benefit from smoother cooperation with customers, suppliers, accountants and banks. This makes managing your business a piece of cake.

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All the basics to do smart business
  • Smart invoicing, e-invoicing & quotes
  • Smart online archive
  • Smart image to text asisstant(OCR)
  • Smart inventory
  • Smart accounting
  • Costs & expenses management
  • Customer management
  • Supplier management
  • Products & services management
  • Free accountant access
  • Easy data exchange with leading accountancy software
  • 5GB cloud storage
  • Custom templates for your invoices and quotes
  • Dynamic link bankaccounts(Ponto)
  • Digital payments ready
  • 100% Mobile-friendly
  • Multilingual
  • Multiple companies/account
  • Multiple seats /account
  • Reports
  • Personal setup assistance
  • Top phone & email support

Smart work. Smarter business.