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Let your customers easily make mobile payments!
Completely free, with no transaction fees.

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Support Consortium 12-12!Icon 1212 If you scan the QR code at the top of this page with your banking app, you donate €5 to humanitarian emergency help. Thanks!

QR codes to get paid quickly!

A payment QR code is a QR code that allows you to make payments in 36 European countries (Sepa zone).
By default, Easybox creates a QR code for all outgoing invoices according to the standards of the European Payment Council (EPC). This QR code can be scanned by common banking apps. This allows your customers to pay your invoices easily and quickly!


  • Offer your customers the best possible payment experience, right from your invoice. Secure, digital, fast.
  • Offering and using this QR code is completely free and without transaction fees.
  • The payment process simplifies significantly. The risk of errors is minimal because all payment information is filled in automatically.
  • Typically, invoices with a QR code are paid faster.


With Easybox’s easily configurable templates, you decide whether to show the QR code on an outgoing invoice. Easybox fully automatically generates the correct QR code. Your customers scan the QR code with their banking app and only need to confirm the transfer.


lightbulb on We support “Consortium 12-12“! If you scan the QR code at the top of this page with your banking app, you will make a donation of €5 to humanitarian emergency help! Thanks!

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