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If you regularly sell different items and services together, it’s convenient that you can easily reuse that combination. Easybox offers a simple feature to make this happen: bundles.

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What is a bundle?

bundle is an adjustable combination of several existing products and/or services. In one bundle you bring together as many products and services as you want, in a ratio of your choice.

Each individual item in a bundle is called a bundle item.

Bundle example
Fruit basket with delivery
Bundle items
5 Apples, 5 pears, 5 oranges, 500g grapes, 2 mangoes, 4 kiwis and 1 delivery within 10-mile radius

Benefits of bundles

Bundles are a great way to save time and money. They allow you to reuse the same complex content for different purposes. You only do the work preparation once to create a composition. Then you call up the bundle hassle-free in its entirety and can thus reuse it multiple times.

The total bundle price is automatically calculated and added in your document.

The beauty of bundles is also that they can be personalized at any time according to your needs. For example, when you create a quote, you can choose which elements of your bundle you do and do not need. You can also flexibly change the language, grouping, order, prices and quantities of all bundle items. The total price is automatically recalculated.


A bundle is inserted when creating an invoice or quote. Multiple bundles can be called up simultaneously on one document.

With our handy template functions you can determine exactly which information from your bundle you want to show to your customer.

For example, you determine whether or not you want to show bundle items in a bundle, or only control the visibility of bundle item price, VAT and subtotal separately.

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