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The benefits of live pricing for quotes

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Do you waste a lot of time looking up your suppliers’ current prices when creating your quotes? This is becoming history because of live pricing. Live pricing refers to the real-time or current prices of products, services or financial transactions. It is the current, constantly updated cost or value of a product or asset. This cost can fluctuate regularly based on various factors, such as supply and demand, market conditions and other relevant variables.

Live price information is essential for consumers, businesses and investors to make informed decisionscompare options and take advantage of current market conditions. This information is typically made available through online platforms, financial news sources and specialized pricing services and is often updated in real time or with minimal delay.

This may also come in handy for quoting purposes. By using live pricing when creating quotes, all your products and services are aligned with up-to-date prices from your suppliers. This way you don’t have to look them up yourself or make comparisons between different suppliers.

Want to know more about live pricing or how to use it for quotesFeel free to contact us. We, at Easybox, offer a non-binding demo where we will answer all your questions.

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Build your quotes using live pricing

Do you work with certain suppliers to get your work done? If so, you can certainly benefit from using the latest prices to generate your quotes. This can sometimes lead to a lot of repetitive work. With the help of live pricing, you can make this research and comparisons a lot faster. Using instant quote prices in different industries and companies also offers a lot of other benefits.

The benefits of live pricing for quotes

In a world where information changes at lightning speed, staying up-to-date is critical. Live pricing in quotes is a game-changer that puts real-time accuracy within your reach. Join us in exploring the world of up-to-date pricing and discover how it provides a competitive advantage, increases transparency and revolutionizes the way we make informed decisions.

Real-time accuracy

For one thing, it ensures real-time accuracy in the pricing of products, services or financial transactions. This accuracy is crucial as it reflects current market conditions and prevents quotes from being based on outdated or inaccurate pricing data.

Dynamic pricing strategies

Live pricing also provides companies with a competitive advantage. They can quickly adjust their quotes to match or exceed their competitors’ prices, which is especially valuable in industries with dynamic pricing and frequent changes.

In addition, live pricing also simplifies the way dynamic pricing strategies are implemented. These strategies automatically adjust prices based on factors such as demand, inventory levels or competitor prices, allowing companies to optimize sales and profits.

Improve your trustworthiness with customers

When it comes to gaining customers’ trust, offering a current quote based on live prices can increase transparency. Customers are more likely to trust a quote if they can verify that it is based on current market conditions.

For companies involved in purchasing or sourcing, live pricing is essential for making informed decisions during negotiations with suppliers or vendors. It allows them to assess market conditions and adjust their sourcing strategies accordingly.

In regulated industries, such as insurance or financial services, providing quotes based on current market prices may be a requirement to comply with the industry’s regulations and standards.

Risk reducing strategies

Live prices also play an important role in managing risk in financial markets. Traders and investors rely on real-time pricing data to make decisions, implement risk reduction strategies and execute transactions at favorable prices.

For companies in industries such as e-commerce, travel or real estate, live pricing information enhances the customer experience. Customers can make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises due to unexpected price changes.

In addition, live pricing information is beneficial for cost control. It allows companies to track and adjust prices for raw materials, energy and other input in real time, allowing them to manage costs more effectively.

Respond to market fluctuations

Finally, live pricing allows companies to react quickly to market fluctuations in rapidly changing fields to avoid missed opportunities or revenue. However, it is important to use live pricing judiciously and transparently, especially when implementing dynamic pricing strategies, to maintain trust and avoid negative customer experiences.

Invoicing software with live pricing

Do you prepare your quotes using invoicing software? In that case you may be interested in linking your suppliers to that software. This allows you to insert live pricing information from your suppliers directly from your invoicing software into your quotes.

Unfortunately, this option is not provided by all invoicing platforms. Are you considering switching to invoicing software? Then definitely check to see if this is an available option. To date, Easybox is one of the exclusive invoicing software offering this feature in Belgium.

Do you want to know how it works? Feel free to make an appointment with our team. We would be happy to show you how live pricing for quotes works. We can even offer you a demo of our software.

Are you interested in learning more about live pricing?

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Easybox, your invoicing software with live prices

As mentioned earlier, Easybox is one of the only unique invoicing software offering live prices in Belgium. This allows you to link our invoicing program to suppliers such as CBO, Rexel, Desco, STG and Defrancq. You will find the live prices of these suppliers on our platform and can also automatically incorporate them into your quotes.

Easybox is a simple and user-friendly invoicing software that allows you to format your quotes and invoices. Easybox aims to enable you, as a business owner, to save a lot of time. This allows you to spend this time on more important things.

Live pricing with Easybox gives you an up-to-date insight of supplier prices within one online platform. By selecting them, you can add them to your quotes in just a few clicks. Does your customer agree with your quotes? You can quickly convert them into full-fledged invoices as well. This way you stay consistent within your different business documents which reinforces your reliability towards your customers.

Benefits of Easybox as a invoicing software

Needless to say, Easybox offers more than just up-to-date prices for CBO, Rexel, Desco, STG, Defrancq and other suppliers. The invoicing system has a whole range of other benefits for quotes, acquisition and distribution invoices, as well as other administrative documents.

Mobile invoicing software

Draw up your quotes in person even when working at the customer’s premises? Easybox is the ideal solution for this as well. Our invoicing software is app-based, allowing you to perform all operations from your Smartphone. This enables you to process your digital invoicing and administration even when you are away from home. You only need an internet connection to do so.

User-friendly invoicing software

Easybox is a user-friendly invoicing system. This means that anyone can get started with it. You don’t need any specific technical knowledge to use our software. During the installation of the invoicing system we provide you with training to ensure you are thoroughly up to speed with its use. In case of further questions, we remain at your disposal.

Creating product bundles

In addition to live pricing, you can also use product bundles to speed up the creation of your quotes and invoices. If you consistently offer the same subdivision for certain works, you can combine them using a bundle. This way, you can insert them fully into your quote or invoice by just using one click. The breakdown also automatically remains available to ensure transparency.

These are just a few of the benefits Easybox offers as invoicing software. Request a non-binding consultation now to discuss the possibilities of Easybox for your specific company.

Create your quotes using live pricing

Interested in using live pricing to create your own quotes? Get started with Easybox and find the current prices of CBO, Rexel, Desco, STG and Defrancq, among others, in your invoicing software. This allows you to add them directly into your quotes and invoices in just a couple of clicks. Do you have any further questions about Easybox or live pricing? Please don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are always available to help you as best we can.

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