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Email automation

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No matter how carefully you plan your tasks, sooner or later you forget to send something on time. To relieve you and your business of as many worries as possible, Easybox gives you the opportunity to automate the outgoing e-mail traffic (related to purchase and sales administration) to your partners at times of your choice.

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What is email automation?

An email automation is a running order to Easybox to automatically send an email to one or more fixed recipients with predetermined content and attachments.

You determine the content and frequency through an automation rule: herein you define the conditions the content must meet and when it will be sent.

You have a choice of these preferences:

  • All different document types
  • File format (pdf, ubl)
  • Grouping style
  • Time of sending

You can activate multiple automations simultaneously.

Actually, it is similar to a standing order at your bank. In it you also determine to transfer a fixed amount, at a fixed time to predetermined recipient.


  • Without any further actions, deliver the connections that count your records neatly on time in the ideal format. Completely automatically!
  • “Forgotten”, “Late” and “Auch…” become a thing of the past forever.
  • You also no longer lose time manually exporting and merging all your documents. Easybox will do this for you from now on.


Email automations are managed in the organization settings of Easybox.

Many business owners use this feature to periodically send all necessary documents to the accountant. The bookkeeper then receives all sales and purchase records at fixed intervals all at once in a standardized manner.
Of course, you can also set yourself, a colleague or other party as the recipient at a time of your choice.

Consider it done!

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