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Templates, customized documents in your brand style

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Customizing invoices, quotes and other documents to match your business’ corporate identity and tailor them to customers is a task every business owner faces sooner or later.
With our templates, you do this quickly and easily – “set and forget.” Sweet!

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What is a template?

template is basically a pre-set design for a document (e.g., invoice, quote, credit note). You decide what will be displayed and how it will look. You can insert your logo, font, colors, attachments, footnotes, etc…. very easily and adjust it to your taste. The choice regarding visibility of bundle items is also determined here. You decide whether to show detailed or simple price information to your customers. Easybox supports an unlimited number of templates for each document type per active language.

Benefits of templates

  • Content and form are separated. All invoice data is fully available at creation in the way you are used to. The template then determines which invoice data to show and how.
  • The ideal design of each document is ready for (re)use. Data is automatically displayed in the right place. Standard attachments, like terms & conditions of sale, are inserted automatically. Everything looks neatly as you have chosen.
  • You always present yourself consistently. Your company then gains strength as a brand.
  • There is also the flexibility to language, document type, activity and customer.
    Do you have foreign-language customers? A special project or a second activity? Then just create an appropriate template with corresponding logo, color, language and labels and custom attachment. Simple!
  • Also for internal use, it can be easy to provide different document types with a different template. This way it is possible to quickly see the distinction already purely visually.


Basically, you only create templates once in the organization settings of Easybox.
Still want to change something afterwards? No problem.
There are more than 30 different elements you can set up and save per language, per document type. More details in our knowledge base.

Then you call them up when creating quotes, invoices and credit notes.
Do you have different templates per customer type? Then simply select the right template and all billing info will be displayed tailored to the customer.

lightbulb on Help!!! More than 30 settings?
Don’t worry. At the start of your Easybox subscription, all required templates are pre-set. Completely ready to use!

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