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In one click from quote to invoice

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Quickly create a sales invoice based on a quotation. Simply reuse all the data. Then customize as desired.
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Everything filled in automatically

Have you already spent time preparing a comprehensive quotation?

Then avoid duplicate work by using the convenient function to create invoices directly from a quotation. All the details of your quote are automatically entered on the outgoing invoice and are immediately ready for your confirmation and dispatch to your customer.

Still want to make an adjustment? No problem!
Just edit your invoice content as usual.
Change any line, price or add additional lines and attachments.


  • Save time: No more need to manually copy information from a quotation.
  • Accurate data: all data are taken 1 to 1 from the quotation. The chance of errors is therefore much lower.
  • Flexible customization: the automatically created invoice content remains fully customizable to the actual delivery of your work.


Select a quote and then click “CREATE INVOICE”.
Save this new invoice and deliver it to your customer immediately.
In this way, invoicing becomes child’s play.

Do you have a larger project? Then also discover the possibility of making advance invoices from a quote.

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