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Easily receive advances for your projects!

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Create quote. Send advance invoice. Get paid faster.
Automatically calculate the final invoice.

For many business owners, advances are a key element in the successful execution and management of a job. Deliverables and payments on an ongoing project keep in sync. Financial risks are reduced by having the initial cost of a job already covered.

Easybox sui simple advance invoices – .png

In one click

Easybox makes it easy to invoice a portion of a project’s total price in advance with an advance invoice. This is an invoice issued before the final delivery of a product or service.

  • Create in one click an advance invoice based on an offer.
  • Simple overview of the advances already invoiced and the remaining amount.
  • Create additional advance invoice or final invoice with one click.
  • All amounts are automatically calculated for you.

Benefits of advances

  • Payment as the works progress. This has the advantage for both the end customer and the contractor of spreading payments.
  • No waiting months for pay for work.
  • Then again, the client only pays for services and products delivered.
  • More financial security to meet all the materials and other costs required for your project.

Use of advance invoices

Advance invoices are often used on larger projects or jobs where the work is performed in several phases. Using advance invoices can help mitigate financial risks and ensure smoother payment and project scheduling. It is therefore an efficient way to manage payments and projects.

The basis for an advance invoice In Easybox is always an approved quotation.

  • From the quote list, you easily create an advance invoice by choosing a percentage.
  • Message, amount, numbering, invoice lines, etc…. are all filled in automatically.
  • Further follow-up of payment status, payment term and deadlines is completely identical to other outgoing invoices.
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