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Smart purchase invoice administration: goodbye to paper


Managing purchases and expenses properly turns out to be a difficult time-consuming task for any self-employed person or entrepreneur. Easybox offers digital help to follow up purchase invoices and receipts as efficiently as possible. Let’s take a look at what that means for you.

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I put everything in a box and hand it to my accountant like that

Ask yourself if the paperwork box is really that efficient, cheap, searchable, manageable? Can you automate it? 

Chances are, your bookkeeper wastes a lot of time manually entering purchases into the accounting system. That takes time and money.   

Consequently, those manual actions often get in the way of genuine advice.  Moreover, the overview that the bookkeeper makes from time to time is only a snapshot. You have no real-time insight and little control.

Digitize your purchase invoices. Why?

The paper era is over. There are many good reasons for this. Digitizing incoming invoices has a lot of pros. 


  • Simple monitoring  
  • Possibility of automation: automatic payment calendar, markdowns, reminders, entry into accounting, etc…  
  • Searchable, reusable data
  • Calculate your profitability faster: one click bulk export of all your expenses   
  • Real-time: up to date 24/7

“Digitizing invoices is a lot of work!”

That’s right.  

Collecting, checking, financially managing and archiving incoming and outgoing invoices and credit notes is an intensive task.  

That is why it is wise to choose a tool that helps/supports you automatically as much as possible. See how you are supported when entering and reviewing your incoming invoices. Also consider smart help options for paying, following up and cooperating with your accountant.

Easybox makes digitizing easy

Easybox supports you as a business owner to deal smarter with purchase administration.  

Our new web technology recognizes the text of scanned documents by itself. The result gets better and better thanks to the artificial intelligence in the background. You just check and voila! No more paper.

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Has your invoice been paid?  
A smart system recognizes the outgoing payment and automatically links it to the right invoice.    

Did you forget to pay something?  
Friendly reminders and a payment calendar ensure you don’t lose track of anything anymore.    

Quarterly declaration? 
With one push of the button, you can export all your purchase administration to .csv- or ubl-formatted documents. Completely ready for further digital processing.

  • Smart invoice scanner (data extraction): from a simple receipt to complex invoice content, you will add it to your digital records faster than ever.   
  • UBL and CSV export  
  • Clear overview of payments, payment terms & status
  • Bulk export  
  • 24/7 real-time  
  • Automatic link with bank transactions  
  • Simple consolidation
  • Central management

Do you have any questions?
We can do smarter business together. Our implementation team will assist you personally and will be happy to help you get started rapidly.

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