Unique and versatile platform

Do you want to work internationally? Piece of cake! Easybox is available in any language you need.
On top of that, you can also create products and invoices in several languages.

Multiple currencies
Add prices in different currencies to your products and link them to a specific region.

Multi-organisation management
Do you want to manage multiple companies? With Easybox, you can switch effortlessly between different companies and organizations you work with.

Easybox expands as you grow. Do you need additional digital tools? Simply activate one or more boxes with the functionality that suits your needs perfectly.

Your business always at hand
All your data are available 24/7 in only one version of truth for all devices on secure servers in the cloud. This way, you avoid losing data and doing the same job twice Moreover, this makes it also much easier to exchange correct data with your partners.


Boxes with brains

  • All document types: offers, invoices, credit notes
  • Own lay-out and brand theming
  • Multilingual
  • Easily add attachments and certificates
  • Link products to each other and make up your offers and invoices faster than ever before
  • Send to multiple addresses by e-mail, PDF or UBL
  • Real-time overview
  • Efficient quotation follow-up
  • Reuse existing info as much as possible
  • Provide simple payment options
  • Just as easy as uploading pictures
  • Keep track of incoming invoices and know what you have ordered and where
  • Search by word, number, label, serial number and tag
  • The smart assistant recognises content
  •  Incoming invoices are read digitally and prepared for payment
  • All data are stored intelligently for optimal reuse
  • No need to retype your documents anymore
  • E-invoicing is fully supported via UBL
  • User-friendly payment method with QR code
  • Link multiple bank accounts for convenient integrated management*
  • 1 Ponto account included
  • Automatic payment reminders
  • Consolidation of incoming and outgoing invoices or transactions
  • Support for phased payments
  • All bank transactions in one easy overview
  • Customers always know by what date they need to pay their invoice
  • Don’t lose track of invoices
  • Analyze your financial past and plan your financial future
  • Ensure a smooth cooperation between bookkeeper and business
  • Share and export digital data easily
  • Get more insight and make less errors or omissions
  • Save time when handling declarations
  • Standardisation in document management
  • Support for leading accounting packages
  • Protection against data loss thanks to automatic server backups
  • Data security
  • 24/7 up-to-date cloud service
  • Storage space of up to 5 GB (expandable on demand)
  • 10 GB Data traffic
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime

* Some features require the activation of an additional paid box in your subscription. We also offer the most popular solutions in smart subscription formulas for an interesting all-in-one price.

: included from Rocket subscription