Products and services management

Product and services management

Your entire product portfolio in one centrally managed place.

You can easily add all your products, services and every conceivable combination of them online. After that, quickly call up the entire catalog when creating quotations and invoices. This way you avoid a lot of duplication of work.

Product and services management
Preview bundle screens in Easybox

Complex product and/or service combinations.

Preview bundle screens in Easybox

Combine an infinite number of products and services in a reusable bundle or group

In one click you can now sell complex compositions of multiple products and/or services, in the ratio of your choice. 

Add products from a purchase invoice

Add articles from invoice to products

Bought new stock of products? Save them instantly, directly from your incoming bill.

Without having to retype everything, you immediately add a product from a scanned invoice line. Error-free and fast. 

Add articles from invoice to products

Multilingual products and services


Communicate in the language of your customers.

Do you regularly have foreign-speaking customers? By setting a new content language, you can translate all information flawlessly. This way you ensure a better customer experience on your outgoing documents. 

No translation available? No worries. Easybox then falls back on the existing main language. 

Box overview

Schematic overview of functionalities of product and service management in Easybox.

Products & services Included
Products - unlimited
Services - unlimited
Bundles – combining products and/or services without limitation
Purchase price
Selling price
Manufacturer part number
Bulk import via csv
Bulk export via csv

Smart work
Smarter business


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