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Simplify your administration: send all your invoices automatically to your accountant

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Managing your finances can be a real drag, but with the right tools, you can make it a breeze. A digital invoicing platform that offers automated delivery of your financial administration to your accountant can save you a lot of headaches.

By exporting all your incoming and outgoing invoices in Pdf and UBL format, you can easily send your full admin to your accountant. This means they have access to all your financial data, and you can work together seamlessly for a smoother collaboration.

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Key benefits

Here are the key benefits of automating your financial administration with digital delivery:

  • Automatic delivery: No more manual work! Just sit back and let digital delivery do the job for you.
  • Easy collaboration: Working with your accountant is now easy as pie. They can access all your financial data, provide valuable insights and advice.
  • Time savings: Free up your schedule for other tasks as automating your financial administration saves you lots of time.
  • Accurate data: Exporting your financial administration in Pdf and UBL format ensures your data is accurate and easily accessible.

lightbulb on By automating the delivery of your financial administration to your accountant, you can simplify your accounting processes and focus on what really matters. So why stress? Start exploring the benefits of digital invoicing today and enjoy a little more peace of mind! 

Easybox offers automatic delivery

In Easybox, all invoices can be handed over to your accountant fully automated by the easy to configure email automations 

  • Pick the documents you want to send 
  • Select filetype and grouping structure 
  • Select when & to who you want to send them  

Voila that’s all!  

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