Four top reasons for a central workplace

Girl looking happy at a central workplace tablet for different kinds of administrative apps

As a business owner, you want things to move forward. Of course, you prefer to minimize time loss and expenses for the administration of your business.


No matter how well you have surrounded yourself with fine software and other tools, you often find yourself duplicating a lot of actions and spending a lot of time trying to coordinate those tools.
That actually is a case for switching to one central work environment.
How nice would it be if you:

  1. Do not duplicate work
  2. You can always find everything
  3. Do not lose time on software interconnections
  4. Manage invoices and payments in the same environment 
Girl looking happy at a central workplace tablet for different kinds of administrative apps

1. No duplication of effort

Think about how many times you’ve manually re-entered the same customer information? Chances are it’s more than once…

By switching to one central platform, you avoid that to the max.


2. One unique set of organizational data: Accessible 24/7 

In many companies, a proliferation of information sources develops over the years: 

  • One for the products
  • One for the suppliers
  • One for the customers
  • Another for the management of purchases
  • And another for invoices 
  • Payments, etc… 

Moreover, those sources are not always well connected and perhaps not aligned at all times. Some information is not even in the cloud. Sometimes you wonder where actually is what you are looking for. 

A central workplace in the cloud creates the ideal conditions for 100% availability and real-time accessibility with one version of the truth: all info simply exists only once.
Enter once, reuse forever. Easily find what you’re looking for


3. No time wasted on integration administration 

Of course, it is nice to link your favorite software that you use to handle administrative tasks. If everything is set up properly, integration (that’s what linking two software solutions is called) can certainly work. 

However, many business owners have to engage outside consultants every time something changes to one of those solutions. It then requires an investment each time to get two or more environments working together. 

You can avoid that flaw with a centralized workstation. This is because there is no integration between different solutions. Everything is in a single platform. With a single user interface, so you don’t have to keep searching. 


4. Manage invoices & payments in the same environment 

If you receive or make payments, it is essential that you can see that all the info is correct. Many business owners make payments through their banking app and invoice in another app. Received payments are similarly tracked across multiple platforms. Very often it proves to be a difficult manual task to review data back and forth and verify that everything is correct.

With an all-in-one solution, that process is simplified. Structured messages, customer and supplier data, payment deadlines, account numbers and tracking of different bank accounts are all fully accessible within one and the same application.

So much more convenient! 

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Easybox is a central workplace  

In Easybox, all your resources are in one central platform. Within the same environment you have direct access to:

More questions?
We can do smarter business together. Our implementation team will assist you personally and will be happy to help you get started rapidly. 

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